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About the Exhibition: CF - China International Food & Catering Fair was founded in 2002. CF was successfully held for 18 times in the last 17 years, and it has become one of well-known international festivals in global food & catering industry. By virtue of a variety of industries and complementarity in the exhibition, 2019 CF has received more than 600 exhibitors from around the world, 21% of which comes from regions outside China; 60% in 82690 audiences are purchasers or decision-markers, and total audience increased by 7.2% than 2018, covering 63 nations. CF mainly demonstrates food & catering products, raw materials, service and process technology & equipment etc. At the same time, CF will be developed to be specialized exhibition areas involving in food and drinks, catering ingredients, high-end ice cream, food processing and packing, imported food, barbecue equipment & materials and cold chain distribution. 2020 18th China International Food & Catering Fair will be solemnly held at Beijing International Exhibition Center on July 24th - 26st, 2020, and it will make full use of International Exchange Center in Beijing, and close around the market, providing a perfect venue and opportunity for technology and information exchange in food & catering development, production, trade and application. CF is hosted by competent associations of Chinese food & catering industry and strongly supported by over 30 authority bodies! Exhibitors from home and abroad will bring the latest food & catering products, raw materials, services and processing technology. CF is not only suitable for middle and small-sized enterprises to exploit markets, but also appropriate for large-scale enterprises to show image. Simultaneously, a series of competitions, lectures, spot demonstration, appraisal, discussion and analysis will be organized, which highlights its significance and specialty.


Market Analysis:Beijing and surrounding northeast, northern and northwest regions have more than 7 hundred million people, which is the largest emerging food & catering market in China. With gradual promotion of Xiongan New Area and 2022 Winter Olympic Games centered in Beijing, integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regions and food & catering circle around Bohai Sea have brought powerful impetus for industry development nationwide and become the most popular and potential food & catering market in China.


Guidance of "Belt and Road": international exchange activities are held frequently in Beijing, which provides broad opportunity for the fusion of economy and culture among countries, especially those countries along the Silk Road, and Beijing also becomes excellent platform for exchanges and cooperation of international food & catering field.