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 [Participation Fee]

● Standard exhibition booth: 9 m2 (3mx3m); domestic enterprises: joint adventure enterprises /special seporation standard booth 15800 RMB / unit, foreign enterprises: 18000 RMB / unit; an additional of 10% will be charged for booths with both opennings;

● Empty exhibition space (at least 36 m2 to be leased): Domestic enterprises: 1500 RMB / m2; foreign-funded enterprises: 2000 RMB / m2;

● Professional seminar / technical exchange fair / new products releasing conference: Cost 10000 RMB at each show/ half an hour, The sponsor will provide the supporting facilities and supplies such as the sites, lights, sound, projectors, tables and chairs and assist the enterprise giving the speech to organize the audiences

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● Please contact the Organizing Committee for sponsoring the Exhibition and related activities,