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Introduction to China National Food Industry Association:

The China National Food Industry Association, or CNFIA, is a self-discipline organization of national food industry approved by the State Council and established on Oct. 29, 1981. Its primitive tasks and functions include providing overall planning, coordination, guidance and services. For years, CNFIA has cooperated closely with food industry enterprises and made fruitful efforts to the stable, sustainable and coordinated development of Chinese food industry.The CNFIA Membership Representative Conference is its supreme body and the CNFIA Council is the agency to execute daily business. The Sixth Council of CNFIA was elected by the Sixth National Assembly of CNFIA on Sept. 26, 2010.Office Address of CNFIA: No. 5, Taipingqiao Dongli, Fengtai District, Beijing Postal Code: 100073


Introduction to Beijing Jingmao international exhibition Co., Ltd.:

Beijing Jingmao international exhibition co., LTD. as a subsidiary of Beijing New Jingmao International Exhibition co., LTD, was founded in June 2002, with more than 40 employees, which successfully held dozens of large-scaled international exhibitions, involving in food, catering, automobile, environmental protection, chemical industry, logistics, freeze and refrigeration service and other fields. Company maintains good relations of cooperation with China food industry association, China food processing and packaging machinery industry association, China food industry group, National food productivity promotion center, China bakery food industry association, International food packaging association, Beijing council for the promotion of international trade, Chinese association of agricultural science societies, China agricultural society storage and processing branch, CAU(China Agricultural University), Relevant branch of China automotive industry association, China automotive engineering society, Beijing automotive engineering society, China warehouse cold-storage association, Shanghai reefer association, Taiwan logistics association, Taiwan food relevant association, Food logistics specialized committee of China food industry association, China food newspaper and China food quality report, etc. and also builds up a huge database of nearly 1 million items of specialized buyers’ information about food cold chain, ice cream, baking, food processing, auto parts and other industries, collecting the detailed information of professional buyers and dealers at home and aboard. Meanwhile, the company establishes long-term project cooperation with some world-renowned international companies, such as Hanover (Germany) Inc.

Beijing Jingmao international exhibition co., LTD is a professional exhibition company with independent legal person qualification. The company employs a high quality team with higher professional knowledge and rich industry experience, and is excellent in the exhibition market positioning, comprehensive planning, overall operation and other aspects. Also, the company chooses Beijing as its base and actively expands the market in Shanghai. Moreover, it maintains a good cooperation relations with government function departments at all levels and relevant trade groups.

Jingmao international exhibition co., Ltd is willing to be in the spirit of “Collaboration, progressive, innovative and success” and in compliance with the service principle of “Be honest and practical, and Customer First” to actively maintain the close contact and cooperation with the industry organizations (associations, societies and others), relevant media, and professional groups and make efforts to enhance the exhibition project more “Internationalized, scaled and specialized”. With joint efforts, we promote China’s exhibition industry more prosperous and progressive.

In order to further expand the market in Shanghai, the company established Shanghai Branch at the end of 2010. We sincerely welcome the cooperation with relevant groups at home and abroad and jointly promote the development of China’s exhibition industry.