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About Visitors

Visitors can expect a showcase of the entire food portfolio, from fine foods, dairy products, sweets and snack foods, beverages, wine and liquor, fruits and vegetables, edible oils to baked goods, coffee and tea,food factory, packing, processing, meats and seafood as well as organic foods. Industry insiders and leaders will also be shedding light on market-specific topics of interest and current trends and developments, such as food safety, consumption trends, and import regulations. 


Visitors Profile - Who You Will Meet

- Food Importers & Distributors

- Food Wholesalers & Traders

- Supermarkets, Grocery & Convenient Stores, Imported Food Stores

- Wine Distributors, Wine Importers & Wine Shops

- Bakeries, Coffee Shops & Tea Houses

- Food packing & Food processing

- Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs & Resorts

- Food Outlets at Universities, Schools, Companies & Office Buildings

- Fast Food Outlets, Snack Bars & Gas Stations

- Catering Companies

- Chefs & Sommeliers

- Online Stores

- Media, Associations & Government





NEW Guidelines for Visas to China

Regulations enforced by different Chinese Embassies round the World vary. So please check carefully with your local Embassy or travel agent for the exact requirement in your country. As a guideline the current situation for visa applications to China are as follows:

Tourist visas: Still the easiest and cheapest option for attending a show if you can get it. As a minimum Embassies require a travel itinerary and hotel confirmation (document from the hotel). Tourist visas are not possible for many countries and this list varies from time to time. Please check if it is possible to obtain a tourist visa from your country, as this is by far the easiest approach, particularly as no formal letter of invitation is required first.

Business visas: Takes more time, as a formal letter of invitation is required from an Official Government body. To apply for a business visa you must submit to the Chinese Embassy your itinerary, hotel confirmation and Official letter of Invitation.