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After China has seen a price hike in ice creams over recent years,

After China has seen a price hike in ice creams over recent years, which are playfully nicknamed "ice cream assassins" by Chinese netizens, here comes fancy yogurt that may also "stab" your wallet. Wrapped in delicate and colorful packaging, yogurt in China has also skyrocketed in price, from 4 to 6 yuan, to around 10 to 20.


You would end up being "stabbed unawares" by "ice cream assassins" by their prices because they seemingly look and taste the same despite the higher costs. But these "superior" yogurts justify their costs and never hide their prices. Netizens hence mocked these new yogurts as "bandits".











Elements like "sugar free", "low fat", "high protein" and "low carb" are often seen on the packages of yogurt sold in China market. These elements contribute to a price rise. A yogurt under the brand He Run, which claims to be “zero fat, zero sugar and high protein”, costs 13.3 yuan for 100g.

Meanwhile, ingredients like probiotics, caffeine and sodium hyaluronate are added to yogurt to answer customers’ demands in health and beauty. These are also factors that have impacts on pricing.





In addition, various new flavors and additional snacks, like dried fruit and crunchy oat flakes that are sold with yogurt, bring up the price as well.






Yogurt that sold in Blueglass, a brand dubbed the "Hermes of yogurt", is priced at 25 to 45 yuan. A rising number of similar brands emerged in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen — all first-tier cities in China. They sell yogurt in a way more or less like selling milk tea – with toppings like oat flakes, assorted fruits and jelly. Prices range from 15 to 30 yuan.