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The 2023 China National Food and beverage exhibition

Affected by the epidemic, Shanghai and Guangzhou Food and beverage exhibitions have been postponed to the 2021, Beijing Food and beverage exhibition has been postponed twice, about to open in May 2022, the northern food and beverage fair has gathered in Beijing. 

With the increasing international influence of the Beijing Food and Beverage Fair in recent years, this year's food and Beverage Fair has received the keen attention of the food and beverage colleagues at home and abroad. 

The 2022 Eighteen The 2020 Eighteen China National Food and beverage exhibition will be held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, while the seventeen China International Baking Expo will be held at the same time. 

As the annual resumption of production after the earliest international food and beverage industry event, 2020 will attract a lot of attention from the industry. 

The Beijing Food & Beverage Fair is the only trade fair to open up the north and the Midwest. With the gradual expansion of China's economy to the north and the central and western regions and the gradual saturation of the food market in the southeast, the north and the central and western regions are playing an increasingly important role in the national food market, which will fundamentally change the pattern of the food industry. 

Many exhibitors are more and more aware of the importance of the north and central and Western markets, "to open up new markets, seize new opportunities" has become the consensus of the industry. 

At the same time, the organizers carefully selected contact with the industry's key buyers, to provide them with a comprehensive and detailed service.Key buyers get exhibits information before the exhibition, priority to select counterpart suppliers, organizers in advance for their contact, and strive to build a precise supply and demand docking platform. 

At this exhibition, hundreds of food, catering and processing equipment exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions gathered in Beijing to showcase the latest development level of the domestic and foreign food industry through on-the-spot exhibitions, seminars and other communication methods, discussion on the overall development trend of Chinese food industry. 

The 2020 Beijing International Food and Beverage Fair will follow the four-in-one principle of "exhibition, conference, experience and trade" , co-ordinate the allocation of related resources, and focus on enhancing the expo's brand influence and competitiveness, focus on cultivating and building the brand of "China Food and Beverage Industry Exhibition". 


Food and beverage raw and auxiliary materials area, packaging materials/products area, machinery and processing equipment area, bakery equipment and technology area, home baking area, coffee and high-end drinks exhibition area, ice cream area, franchise area and baking extension area.

 More than a dozen professional roasters have participated in off-line training, family baking, parent-child theme parks, Dessert set-up contests, DIY contests, coffee drink-making contests, and other off-line activities, drive off-line high-end buyers resources.

Crisis in organic, food and BEVERAGE INDUSTRY READY TO SET OUT AGAIN! The global epidemic of the new crown, on the world economy and people's lives have brought some profound changes. Domestically, from the perspective of the long-term development of the industry, this epidemic is not only a crisis, but also a time for reflection and adjustment in the development of the industry, improving your ability to respond to industry emergencies is a good time to learn. Moreover, the epidemic is likely to usher in a new round of growth in retaliatory and compensatory consumption. 

Therefore, we have reason to believe that, in the future, the Resurrecting the Champ, the baking industry is ready, as the development of China's domestic industry will usher in a broader market. 

1, the emergence of online business, this epidemic, those who do not carry online business or not good at online business bakery was caught off guard, offline channel "fire" , and because some stores have been relying on online channels (short video, Wechat, take-out platform) for promotion, online business has welcomed the opportunity. It is almost predictable that, after the outbreak is over, consumer adoption of online channels in the bakery industry will become more and more normal, and that online business (including the o2o model) in the bakery industry is about to see significant growth. 

2. Accelerate the development of the private catering industry, the increase of people's online consumption will bring a wave of dividends to the private bakery form, private entrepreneurs will be easier than before, the success rate will be higher, because the main distribution channel for private housing is online. Private baking took advantage of the situation, in turn will also promote online orders, wechat/alipay pay pay, distribution home, the designated location, such as quick and convenient transaction mode of further maturity. For many students outside of school who are still deciding whether to study or start a business, it's time to make a decision. 

3. Accelerate Food and beverage store product upgrades, after the epidemic is over, prices are likely to see a wave of price increases, food and beverage prices are likely to rise, rent is likely to rise, a series of chain reactions that could happen would require bakery owners to prepare strategies in advance, such as product packaging upgrades, elimination of old models that are slow to sell, research and development of innovative products, and Building Boutique counters, try to make better products with better ingredients. 

4. Expand the demand for catering talent, the end of the epidemic, the catering industry is about to show compensatory growth, many restaurants will take advantage of this product upgrade or increased consumer demand for recruitment, and catering personnel requirements are higher. This outbreak, will also give rise to people for Food and beverage brand awareness, many big brand restaurants will be further expansion of the situation, job opportunities will increase. 

Industry Survival of the fittest, the stronger, the weaker the weaker, the more difficult it seems, the more opportunity comes, the decision of a person's height, often is not the starting point, but the inflection point, opportunities are inflection point. 

1. The crowd is terrified. Nearly a year has not opened food and beverage exhibition, some exhibitors and buyers and ordinary visitors are frustrated, from the CBBE 'pre-registration Platform, pre-registration audience is much more than previous years. Even the years of Cooperation Media China Food newspaper, Brandvond (the other side) , food partner network and other industry media friends to set up the exhibition. A dealer sighed and said: "Can not visit the order, I will change. " 

2, online exhibition reliable? According to Western media reports, their online exhibition effect is poor, a few days of lively noiseless. Although China's digital technology is better than foreign countries, but the author from many years of experience, online exhibition can only play a complementary role, offline exhibition is king. 

3, the more difficult, the more we must adhere to the brand, the epidemic accelerated industry survival of the fittest, the stronger, the weaker, can survive must be the most able to adapt to environmental change, change in the industry has a full and sober awareness and comprehensive adjustment of their enterprises. 

Experienced in the first half of the rapid reshuffle, the market nearly stagnant situation, the best way for enterprises to save themselves is: good practice, in the development of new products, improve product quality, brand and service efforts. When the epidemic is over, the exhibition will be held back, as soon as possible to occupy the stagnant and blank market opportunities. Epidemic period is a severe test for enterprises, but also a reshuffle of the industry. 

Whether the overall strength of the enterprise is strong enough, whether the marketing ability is hard enough, whether the strategy adjustment speed can exceed the opponent, determines the future development of the enterprise. 

The more difficult it is, the more we have to come out to play the brand, for the international type strong brand exhibition, not only must insist on participating in the exhibition, conditions should even consider whether to increase investment and adequate exposure opportunities, such as: to expand the area and increase advertising. 

Don't despair, believing the market will reward surviving companies with a dividend -- a market rally. The wise Baker sees opportunity, but the shortsighted man sees no opportunity. 

May 31-june 2,2022, see you in Beijing!